Hi everyone,

My name is Eric Marks, the Founder of Transported Audio.  Thanks for stopping by our website!

Over the course of my career in post production sound, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have sat down with some true masters of our craft.  Everyone from Academy Awards winners, Emmy winners, Grammy nominees and more.

Much of this is thanks to my position on the board of directors of the Motion Picture Sound Editors.  This incredible organization unites sound editors from around the world through platforms such as live Sound Advice events and our quarterly Wavelength magazine.  The MPSE brings recognition to the true artists who elevate our favorite stories through the use of sound.

The words of these artists echo in what we do here at TA, so I wanted to share these interviews for you to enjoy as well.


Eric Marks

Founder of Transported Audio

The Sound of Better Call Saul

with Sound Designers Matt Temple and Adam Parrish King

The Sound of Mr Robot

with Supervising Sound Editor Kevin Buchholz and Sound Designer Dan Kremer

The Sound of The Matrix films

with Oscar-winning Supervising Sound Editor Dane Davis

The Sound of Star Trek

with Supervising Sound Editor Matt Taylor and Sound Designer Tim Farrell

The History of Naughty Dog Audio

with Uncharted and The Last of Us Audio Directors Bruce Swanson, Phil Kovats and Rob Krekel

The Sound of Road to Perdition and 300

with Supervising Sound Editor Scott Hecker

The Sound of Fargo

with Supervising Sound Editor Nick Forshager and Sound Designers Matt Temple and Adam Parrish King

The Sound of Metal Gear Solid

with Snake voice actor David Hayer, Studio Manager Chip Beaman, Audio Director Sotaro Tojima and Music Producer Rika Muranaka

The Sound of Halo Infinite

with Audio Director Sotaro Tojima, Lead Sound Designer Kyle Fraser, and Senior Sound Designers Robbie Elias and Jomo Kangethe

The Sound of Back to the Future

with Sound Effects Editors Scott Hecker and Sam Crutcher, ADR Editor Glenn T. Morgan and Foley Artists John Roesch and Ellen Heuer