“Transported Audio is incredibly creative and focused. They’ve enabled our team to deliver many of the most viewed and loved trailers ever created for EA’s biggest titles. They never miss a deadline and are a lot of fun to work with.”

Jon Judelson, Producer, Electronic Arts
“Transported Audio is an excellent sound design team with a strong understanding of place, narrative and character. They’re dedicated, take feedback well, have positive attitudes and are always willing to go the extra step in order to achieve the best possible results. I would work with them again in a second.”
Samuel Bass, Design Director, Three One Zero
“Their enthusiasm comes through in creative sound design, cinematic mixing and endless battles with difficult technology. Transported Audio cannot be stopped!”
Brad Fotsch, Audio Director, Funomena

“Transported Audio has ushered countless trailers of ours to the finish line, including some incredibly high profile properties. Their speed and level of detail always impresses.”

Tanner Boyajian, Creative Producer, Dark Burn Creative
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Transported Audio through many guises, and their ability to wear multiple hats year after year has proven quite invaluable. They’re so easy going, even in late-night crunches on tight turn-arounds. And THAT is rare!”

“Transported Audio injects a lot of love into their work. Their lightning-fast turnarounds are always impressive, as are their bold, creative mixes. Very excited to see their new studio!”

Dori Arazi, Cinematographer, Sony Santa Monica