Hey all,

It’s been quite the busy summer here at Transported Audio!  We mixed some Titanfall 2 Briefing videos that are now included in every downloadable Tech Test build of the game, we worked on 8 role trailers for the upcoming Lawbreakers game, and we also got to work on some goodies for the breathtaking underwater adventure of Abzu.

We mixed promotional videos for some high adrenaline films and shows, including Fast and Furious 7, X-Men Apocolypse, The Legend of Tarzan, Ben Hur, Orange is the New Black and Suicide Squad.

We also got to mix some NFL commercials that’ll be airing this fall on Fox, CBS, NBC and NFL Network.

But most importantly, our team is growing and we’ve got some incredibly talented sound people helping bring our projects to life.  Rather than me blabbering on and on about their credit list and how awesome they are, how about I let them jump in here and be guest bloggers?  Sound good?

Then stay tuned here to learn about the creative crew that makes our projects shine!

– Eric