Creating a Hush Box

Hi everyone,

My name is Austin Chase and I’m a new sound editor here at Transported Audio! Eric brought me aboard in August and it’s been a wonderful first few months. I’ve already had the pleasure of working on numerous exciting and unique projects during my time here. These include over a dozen Star Wars Battlefront II videos, some intense repairing of dialogue recorded in the 1960s and, more recently, designing and building a custom projector hush box for our studio! This blog post will primarily focus on the hush box project.

The purpose of this project was twofold: to keep the client projector at a low temperature, and to prevent the noise of the projector from becoming a distraction in our studio.

Projectors are essentially big lights that create a ton of heat and, in turn, need big fans to keep them cool. The easiest way to minimize this fan noise is to contain the projector inside a sound-insulated box. However, enclosing the projector also insulates heat, so it’s necessary to create an intake/exhaust airflow system using computer fans. The bigger the fan blade, the slower and quieter you can run the fan. The downside to this is that it creates bigger holes in the box itself, allowing more of the projector’s fan noise to escape. To solve this, airflow channels must be created to keep air moving in the right direction and contain the noise where it belongs: inside the box and away from the ears of anyone in the studio.

This project started months ago on internet forums and YouTube videos, where I slowly started to grasp what the best design would be for our needs. We came up with a plan and started gathering supplies. From powering the fans, to cutting holes in what used to be a wood wine box, we hit our fair share of technical hurdles. Two film/sound guys at Home Depot looking at hole saws is also just a ridiculous sight. Regardless, Eric and I did a solid job picking out the necessary tools and supplies.

Here’s a diagram of the box as it was coming together. The intake fan on the right brings cool air into the chamber, while the two fans on the left pull hot air out of the box. The wooden slats on either side of the projector prevent noise from the projector’s own fan from escaping out through the holes in the box.

During the design process, we realized that this box had to look good too. A giant wooden box in the middle of a mostly black studio would look dorky and unprofessional, so we decided to cover the box in a simple black fabric that we got from Michael’s. This store also supplied our hush box lens, which is just the glass from a small picture frame (a genius idea that Eric came up with).

This project required a great deal of unfamiliar knowledge and skill, but we took our time and managed to slowly put this thing together without running hitting any major issues along the way. It’s now up and running, but we are still making adjustments to the box- I imagine this will be an enjoyable work in progress for a while. One thing is for sure- each day brings new opportunities to learn completely new skills here at Transported Audio.

-Austin Chase, Sound Editor

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Strength in Numbers

Hey everyone,

We’re very excited to share that the Transported Audio team is growing!!  We have a new dedicated sound editor aboard the team, Austin Chase.  Austin is very upbeat, talented and brings a wealth of skills to our many projects.  You can read all about him on our About page.

This summer has been a busy one!  We wrapped several more Lawbreakers videos, including sound designing and mixing the almighty Lawbreakers launch trailer, Skilled AF.  We were afforded lots of creative liberties on the project– it was an absolute blast to work on.

We’re also in the middle of wrapping up our second 360 / VR mix, a project we can’t share details about yet but surely will when it’s released.  This unique format has provided some great opportunities to expand our workflow to include binaural mixing.

Among other projects, we recently mixed trailers for the games Elder Scrolls Online, Dirty Bomb, Pwnd, a short film entitled Bruce Lee: One Family, and branded content videos for UCLA and Ronald McDonald House.  We also got to mix an energy-pumping short film called Not Normal, directed by Matt MacDonald.

If you haven’t already, come on by our studio to relax in the captain’s chair while we play you a 5.1 demo!

More to come soon,


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New Territory

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the radio silence– there have been some exciting developments that have kept us very busy.  

First, the most important piece of news… we’ve moved into a new space!!  Our studio is now in a public setting, complete with a conference room, full kitchen, full time building security and more secure internet.  We spent months designing and setting up the space, so we hope you’ll come by and let us know what you think!  We’ll have studio pictures up on the website and social platforms soon.

We’ve also stepped up our equipment and plugin game.  We’re now monitoring through Genelec 8030s, a significant sonic jump from our previous JBL stereo monitors.  Some of our new plugins include Pitch n Time, Izotope RX6 Advanced, several new Waves additions and other goodies.  

Also, I recently traveled to Rome and Florence for a little getaway.  It wasn’t work-related, but I definitely found myself intrigued by all the unique sounds of the territory.  In Rome there were lots of police sirens, which differ significantly from what I’d expected (very different from London, for instance).  Florence was full of vespas and bikes, which gave the sounds there a flavor all their own.  Also, the birds in the Tuscany region were audibly different than anything here in the US.

Since returning, we’ve mixed four videos that released this week at E3!!  We’re also finishing up sound on our very first 360 video.  Can’t wait to share that one with you.

We’re very excited to be in our new space and share more about some of the big projects we’re working on.  We’ve been updating our social platforms pretty often, but going to jump back into this space a bit more as well!

– Eric

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Year In Review

Hi there,

Our first year as a company is coming to a close, and we have a lot to be thankful for.  Some amazing things happened that we never could have imagined twelve months ago, and they sure have us excited about where we go from here.

This past January, I made a quiet vow to myself – to create more than I consume.  To work on so many things that it’s impossible to watch more films/shows/etc than I’m actually making.  Well, I can safely say “mission accomplished” on this front.

We have been fortunate to have been a part of so many vastly different projects with some immensely talented people… it’s honestly been quite humbling.  Lots of highly creative people we’d never worked with before trusted us with their precious projects.  These new relationships have shown us just how diverse creativity really is, and how flexible we need to be in order to meet the needs of these different projects.

To meet these great demands, our team grew considerably this year!!  In fact, in January 2016 there was no team at all – just me, sitting on a laptop trying to make clients happy.  But there are significant limits to what can be done as a team of one.

Now, we have three mixers and five sound editors to take on the needs of any project that comes our way.  This team has met every challenge, pushed every boundary and done it all on some crazy deadlines… all for one team on a singular mission.  Richard, Kevin, Mitch, Alex, Felix, Katie and Jayvon – I’d be nothing without all of your endless creative energy.  If you haven’t had a chance to meet or work with these fine people yet, we’ll try to introduce you to them on this blog soon.  Mitch already blogged for us a couple months back, and you can also read about a few of us on our About Us page.

Lastly, we were so honored to have been recognized for some amazing accolades this year.  Two MPSE Golden Reel Award nominations, a Charity Film award nomination, a Clio Art Award and two projects that got into the Sundance Film Festival??  Seriously?!?

This is just year one.  We are very excited as we look forward.  The future is bright.

Happy Holidays and see you in 2017!

– Eric

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Sundance and Beyond

Hey everyone,

Things have been bustling at Transported Audio!  We’ve worked on projects of all sorts these past couple months, and we’re proud to share that two long form projects will be premiering at Sundance!!

Playdates, a TV pilot starring Paul Scheer, is about competing parents from different classes vying for acceptance and the futures of their children. The show is biting, witty and smart. HONORA Productions is behind this show and they’re some of the best creative partners you could ask for. Our incredible sound team on this project included:

Eric Marks, Re-Recording Mixer

Richard Shapiro, Dialog Mixer

Mitchell Lestner, Sound Effects Editor

Felix Lau, Foley Editor

Gente-Fied, a web series about Hispanic culture in Los Angeles, is funny, edgy, heartfelt and brutally honest. The webisodes weave an intricate narrative following different characters whose lives intersect. Marvin Lemus and Ashim Ahuja are the creative gurus behind it, and they brought on Kevin Senzaki and Eric Marks to edit and mix the show.

In other exciting news, our biggest Lawbreakers trailer to date debuted for a giant crowd of gaming fans at the Microsoft Theater in LA!  It played there live and was simulcast to millions around the globe for the 2016 Game Awards.  Mitch did all the sound design work for this trailer.

That’s all the news we can share for now.  We’ll be heading to Sundance next month to watch films and meet filmmakers – give us a holler if you’ll be there!

– Eric

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Award Nominations

First, a news update.  Last month, our very own Mitch Lestner was nominated for an Emmy for his sound editing on Roots!  Mitch works on several broadcast TV shows, and we are thrilled that his work is being recognized by the greater TV community.  Go Mitch!!


As for us, a couple of our own 2016 projects have recently been nominated for awards:

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice – “Accelerating Design” is a finalist for a Key Art Clio Award

“Hello World” is nominated for a Charity Film Award


We’ve also been working with new clients on some exciting projects, including:


Classified Comedy (on TruTV)

Party On, Mom commercials (Walmart, P&G, NFL)

Many more project are finished but have yet to be released, so keep checking in here and on our Facebook page to see them as soon as they go live.

– Eric

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Sound for Trailers

Hey all I’m Mitch, a sound editor here at Transported Audio. Much of my past work experience was on narrative projects before I joined this team. Working at Transported Audio has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about how to approach sound design for trailers.

Coming from the world of working in television and film, I have come to learn that sound effects editing for trailers has a slightly different approach. Trailers focus much more heavily on music as the driving factor – our sound work takes on a unique role in supporting that.

The most important thing is rhythm. 99% of the time sync takes first priority in film and television where as trailers focus on the music as the driving element. You will take notice if a rhythm doesn’t feel right more so then the sync of picture and sound. It’s in our blood.

For example; If you have a moment in a clip where a character is shooting off a multitude of bullets you must make sure that the rhythm of those gunshots compliment the tempo and rhythm of the music. If not, the music and your sound effects will clash.

Another thing to keep in mind is when including tonal sound effects that they be in the same key as the music or else you’ll end up with dissonance. That is, unless you want to create tension or clashing between the music and SFX, which can be helpful sometimes if you’re working on a horror trailer.

Crafting the sound for trailers has given me the chance to experiment and go out of the box a bit more than I usually would be able to. It’s an interesting medium, and I can’t wait for the next project!

– Mitch Lestner

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Strength in Numbers

Hey all,

It’s been quite the busy summer here at Transported Audio!  We mixed some Titanfall 2 Briefing videos that are now included in every downloadable Tech Test build of the game, we worked on 8 role trailers for the upcoming Lawbreakers game, and we also got to work on some goodies for the breathtaking underwater adventure of Abzu.

We mixed promotional videos for some high adrenaline films and shows, including Fast and Furious 7, X-Men Apocolypse, The Legend of Tarzan, Ben Hur, Orange is the New Black and Suicide Squad.

We also got to mix some NFL commercials that’ll be airing this fall on Fox, CBS, NBC and NFL Network.

But most importantly, our team is growing and we’ve got some incredibly talented sound people helping bring our projects to life.  Rather than me blabbering on and on about their credit list and how awesome they are, how about I let them jump in here and be guest bloggers?  Sound good?

Then stay tuned here to learn about the creative crew that makes our projects shine!

– Eric


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Dear Transportees,

We’ve been cooking up lots of goodies these past couple months.  Some of our most recent work includes weekly trailers for Lawbreakers, music trailers for ABZU and some other exciting projects we can’t yet talk about.

Also, I just came back from Alaska and captured some recordings of:

  • Glacier Boot foley
  • Antique and Modern Trains
  • Helicopters (interior and exterior)
  • Sea Lion growls
  • Boat motors
  • Chainsaws
  • Rapids and Streams

As always, stay tuned to our main page here and also our Facebook page for the latest and greatest from us!

– Eric

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June Gloom? Hardly.

Hey guys,

Things have certainly been busy for us over at Transported Audio.  Lots of projects have come in, been given some sound love and have since gone public. Accordingly, we’ve updated our main page with some fresh new goodies:

  • Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition trailer
  • ABZU E3 Trailer (Sony)
  • Lawbreakers E3 Briefing Video

We’ve also sprinkled in some old projects that we didn’t have the chance to post on this site back when it was originally built.

Any videos in particular speak to you?  Are you excited from a particular studio, company, show or movie?  Hit us up via the Book a Project button on the top of this page or email us at [email protected] to let us know what’s on your mind.

Lots of other exciting projects are heading your way soon.  Keep checking in here on our site for details as they come!

– Eric

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